[Request] Humanoid male and female base meshes

Following on from my whine about swat guys and soldiers :slight_smile: can we please get some base meshes for humanoids. Mainly for prototyping and kitbashing. I’m sure I’ve seen TONS of these things used by artists everywhere, it would be ultra cool if someone could share a half decent set of bases on the marketplace. Ideally they would have UV unwraps done already. Maybe even have a zbrush sculpt version of them as well?

Just trying to brainstorm what could be useful for a lot of developers.

Yeah our game needs a basic but high quality male model. There are models for soldiers, sci-fi creatures, and etc. on the marketplace but no basic male/female model

I can see why this could be requested, but the old school modder in me chuckled a bit. We used to take the textures out of games we could mod and reskin them ourselves. Ironically most of those games were made in the unreal engine. Republic Commando UT, Killing Floor, and a few others. Those were the good ole days.

I know this is likely not what you’re looking for, but for basic models, look into either MakeHuman (free option) in addition to the new-ish retargeting tools built into UE4’s persona, or Fuse by Mixamo, which can be grabbed for cheap during some of the steam sales. Instead of getting generic male and female physiology, both of these tools will allow you to customize the models to suit your needs.

Yeah, Makehuman is kind of OK, but doesn’t have any high frequency detail, so its a pre-sculpt sort of thing. I guess I’m after a mixture of post-sculpt and lowpoly retopo version with UV map.

And Fuse is just ****.

Does getting a subscription for Autodesk Character Generator suits you? That is only 19$ montly or 180$ yearly I guess , and I have seen quite a few options for customization. You can get low poly models without a subscription.

i think the bottom line is that Epic only want game ready content on the market place, your best bet is to get hold of a half decent character programm like MH,Fuse,Autodesk and then use any other free cheap sculpt programm, i doubt very much you’ll find what you want in the market place, constantly asking for characters isn’t going to help you, get in touch with a character artist and work out a price with them

I just think that basic humans aren’t so special that everyone needs to redo them every time they need one. I’ve put in a research council bid in the UK before for some money to make a character creator similar to the one seen in APB, but they turned me down saying that there was no need for it. Clearly they were completely wrong, given that almost every game has character requirements of some sort.

The worst part is that the technology part is easy. Making the tech for an APB style creator isn’t hard at all. Would produce content that could populate hundreds or thousands of games. But nobody actually sees that I guess.

Makehuman is very much the best of those “character creators”, although its still pretty poor for games use to be honest. Fuse and the autodesk thing are just too poor in terms of artwork.

Yes, I don’t want to have to pay an artist to make a human. Is that so crazy?

i get the feeling it’s not just the human base you want otherwise you would use the MH mesh, i’ve never looked at APB but i guess it has to same sort of modual character that most other games have, what you need to remember is that each game engine requires a different set up for how the meshes are skinned or animated, a 1 fix fits all just doesn’t work, examples being texture count - uvw layouts - even what sort of textures - poly counts for different games.

this is why what your looking for isn’t there, if your hoping for AAA quality then that means money, if you just want to build a modualar system then MH is good enough with blender