[Request] Hide/Scale the Blueprint billboards individually

Option to edit the Editor Billboard of each actor in a Blueprint/Actor/Class.

Example I got a custom actor with a Billboard component to assign a custom icon but I can’t hide or scale the Light Component Billboard in my Blueprint and at place in the map the Light Billboard overlap the other one and cause vision problems.

I think this would be a very useful feature. As currently if you add components to a BP their icons can end up overlapping each-other and more importantly your view of the scene while editing. This can sort of be worked around by making icons smaller globally but it doesn’t help the case where you have multiple actors at the same location inside the BP. Ends up flickering/looking like a big mess when you place the object.


  • ook

+1 to this, it would be absolutely invaluable for myself and I’m sure many other people!

Yeah bump to this…