[Request/Help] Gears of War / Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Style of Cover sytem

So I have another post with the same topic on the Blueprint forum and I’m wanting to do a GoW/RSV style cover system for my game, I’ve done over 10-20 hours of research and looking for tutorials and I have found nothing. I found some stuff for UDK but it was old and clunky and didn’t look that great. So here is my thought process on it.

There would be “bounding boxes/collision boxes” (BB/CB) along all the walls and valid cover points that your PlayerController (PC) can run into then a little bit of text shows up saying “Press C to get into cover.” then when the player inputs the command ‘C’ it calls an animation to slide you into cover and simultaneously zooms your camera out.

**Pseudo Code (Sort of):
if {PlayerController (PC) == BoundingBox (BB);

print text “Press ‘C’ for cover”;

then {Slide Animation (SA);

Camera Zoom (CZ);
if else{CC != BB;
return 0;


Step 1: Checks if Player collides with BoundingBoxes (BB)
Step 2: If true then pop up text saying “Press ‘C’ to cover.” If player isn’t colliding with BoundingBoxes (BB) then continue on.
Step 3: If player is colliding with BoundingBox and inputs ‘C’ then it calls and plays a sliding animation.

I am not a experienced programer but couldn’t you do something kind of like about to where if the PlayerController collides with the BoundBoxes then It calls and animation and play that animation.

I know the “Pseudo code” is ugly but when I try to describe it to myself or someone else, that is how it comes out.

Player controllers don’t collide. I would recommend you follow a few more basic tutorials until you are familiar with working in Unreal. But basically, you need a method of detecting cover, a method of deciding which animations are appropriate for that type of cover, and a method to switch into those animations.

Well not “Collide” but they intersect with invisible boxes that are up against valid cover.

Blueprint -> ComponentOverlap -> Play Animation -> Play Camera animation

You dont need to code anything.You can do this with blueprints.

Yeah, I had this posted in both the Blueprint and C++ section because I’m happy with it either way, with Blueprint of C++. Thank you I’ll try it when I get UE4.