Request help for a small 3D animation with Unreal.


Let me introduce myself, Jean Seimple, I am an author - independent researcher in the field of Egyptology.
I learned 3D on Blender and Sketchup, in order to illustrate the result of my work.

I have almost finished posting all the results of my work, with the exception of one last video, which must have been the most beautiful, because the information I am going to pass on is simply incredible. It was supposed to be performed by a professional, but it has been on hold for two years now, following her hospitalization.

I decided a week ago to start making it, but unfortunately the power of my PC (office automation and internet) makes it impossible to achieve.

I have seen videos on the Real Engine and I am completely fascinated by the rendering of this engine. I told myself that this is what I need. I am unfortunately without money, my work is voluntary and the income from my book is donated to a charity (

The object of my approach is therefore to ask for help from a member of your community, to voluntarily carry out about 5 minutes maximum of 3D animations, relatively simple: basic geometric shapes (square triangle circle), the pyramid of Cheops, an Egyptian landscape, the Earth and the sun.

In return, I can only offer you two things:

  • Show you the video with this incredible information in preview on the forum
  • This video (not monetized) will perhaps be the subject of media coverage (in France, in England or in the USA), then the sales of my book will probably increase, in this case, I will be able to compensate you a posteriori, if you want a minimum of income for the work done. This is only a simple promise and depends only on the confidence that you wish to grant me.

I hope I did not break the rules of the forum, to have posted on the right topic and especially to apologize for the possible grammar mistakes, because my mother tongue is French.


Jean Seimple