[REQUEST] Gui float values snapping/precision

Inside gui value’s textboxes we can change values by pressing LMB and moving mouse. So, i suggest to:

  1. Change usual float values by 0.01 precision (or by configurable value).
  2. Cnange angles (pitch, yaw…) by 2,812, BUT, with divisions of 360 rounding, i.e. 2,812 + 2,812 = 5,625 (NOT 5,624). (also should be configurable).

When you “Enter values” from keyboard, you should be able to setup any value, but when you use LMB+mousemove then you should always snap.

Also, there is an issue with existing snapping, for example when you setup “Angle snapping to 10”, then Gui textbox value changes not by 10, but by 9,999999 etc, there must be rounding function to precision 0.001 for example, so u should get exatly 10, 20, 30…360.

Also there is no dependency between “Angle snap” option and Details panel ->Transform->Rotation values snapping by LMB+moving mouse, but it should be i suppose.

Also Details->Transform->Location could be movable with snapping dependency, would be good too u suppose.

In short - pls do more snapping everywhere.

Sorry for reminding, but can you please make this “Fix”/“Feature” as soon as possible? before i start making my level layout?
I really dont wanna change “Engine” code for this.

If you didnt understand what exactly i want, here’s the example:

  1. Put any shape to your level. Its default Rotation->X == 0.0.
  2. Set the Rotation grid snap value = 2.812
  3. Rotate object using X axis (red) by exactly 45 degrees as shown inside viewport, then you will see result in details panel: Rotation->X = 44.999916
  4. If you try to change X axis back to -45 degrees, then Details->Rotation->X = -0.000092
  5. If you try to change X axis again to 45 degrees, then Details->Rotation->X = 44.999855

Understand? there is increasing inaccuracy. The problemn not only with rotation, but also with transform and other float parameters. Seems your math background really fails, it needs correct rounding/precision.

[1] So my 1st problem is Rounding/Precision, i.e. increasing inaccuracy/error. I need something like ABSOLUTE snapping, not RELATIVE snapping, if you know what i mean.

But problem not only with inaccuracy, but also, with absense of Snapping configuration for custom float parameters (not only Position grid snap, and Rotation grid snap), but also, for example, i want snapping for WorldSettings->Replication->NetCullDistanceSquared, so if i press LMB + drag right 1 pixel, i want increase value 225000000.0 not to ugly 226991152.0, i want increase it for example to 230000000.0. So “WorldSettings->Replication->NetCullDistanceSquared” should have personal internal grid snap setting, like any other Float Textbox parameter. Understand? You could also make some auto decision, for example if Max value of float parameter is 123456.0, you probably want to increase it by 100.0 (i.e. Original Max decimal rounded value 100000.0 * 0.0001 precision). So if average max float value is 6.5, you would probably want value changing by (1.0 * 0.0001 = 0.0001), or average max value 16.5 then (10.0 * 0.0001 = 0.001).

You see? I use everywhere decimals rounded to 10, 100, 1000, 10000 etc, even if original max values have more precise, thats important for NOT ugly, well snapped, results. Thats the [2] second problem.

Well i hope you will understand, and make this simple fixes into the next release. If you want you can make it switchable/experimental.
I really need it, actually i cant use actors layout without strict precision, thats very important for me, cause i am programmer, not an artist who draws by hand quality and accepts it as is. I need strictly precised allignment of every object inside my scene and also every “Initial” float parameter. At least with 0.0001 or configurable precision.

The problem is, that this is a feature i 100% need, and actually i cant use Scene editor without it, and i will make it myself anyway if you will not do that, and i am sure everyone need it, they just dont know about it. So i just dont wanna make fix myself and then change code for every UE4 release again and again.


EDIT: nvm guys, i’ve decided to stick with constant version of UE4 per single game, so i will make all features myself, sooner or later.

I’m surprised (in bad way) it doesn’t solved yet in 2021 :frowning: where should I sigh to make it happen?