[Request] Grayscale Channel view in Texture Preview/Editor

It would be very cool, to have option for grayscale channel view inside texture editor. After selecting channel they have channel color, and I at least, have big issues of looking at channels and making any sense of them. It’s especially annoying on blue one.

And additonal thing is this really counter intuitive, as in Photoshop by default RGB channels preview is grayscale as well.

Hi Lukasz,

You should be able to “turn off” the color of your texture in the Texture Editor by switching the Saturation button. By desaturating your texture, you will be seeing just the dark/light values in a black-to-white grayscale. You can then toggle RGB to see the amount of value they are adding to the texture. Here is an example of me looking just at the blue value via desaturation:

Please let me know if this has resolved your issue or if you have any more questions.

Thank you,


It doesn’t work. When I have all channels checked checking startation indeed desaturate image. But as soon as I select single channel it is back to it original color.

I have regressed this issue and can confirm that it was happening in our Beta4 release. It has since been resolved and the feature will be correctly functioning in a future release. Once the fix is released, you will be able to individually see each channel in grayscale.

Until that time, you can work around seeing the different channels in grayscale by creating a material with a Desaturation node with your texture and a fraction of 1. You can plug the channels in and see the results:

If there is anything else that I can assist you with, please let me know.

Thank you,