[request] global contruction set

currently working on a point gravity system where players can move around a sphere(similar to planetary annihilation or mario galaxy).
All items that are not inheritable need to have the point gravity system recreated in the construction set, having a global system would eliminate a lot of duplicate work for people without c++ knowledge.

I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘construction set’, could you give some more details?

sorry for the bad explanation here goes round 2:

I have a planet(basic .fbx sphere) that is being using instead of a flat terrain.
I also have a couple barrels and a ‘player’.
Using the construction scripts for each Ive been able to make it so I have the barrels and player mesh rotate around the planet with the z axis always pointing toward the center of the planet, so while placing something at the bottom of the planet it will orient ‘upright’ and not fall off.
the construction set is nice because it allows me to setup environment assets with the proper rotation/orientation once they are dragged into the editor, and not have to worry about simulating the environment to see how things work.

My current issue is that for each new object, static mesh or whatever, I have to re-create the construction script again. Having a ‘level’ based or ‘global’ construction script, that I could set the properties for all objects in the scene, or possibly on a specific layer(s), would be a bit faster.

A summary that might be better:

having the ‘Level Blueprint’ have a construction script modifier would be awesome for me.

You could create a Macro Library so you can share that functionality between different Blueprints.