[Request] Force check out if editing

We’ve been punk’d a couple of times by this.
someone has a file checked out and working on it
and someone else just opens the same file and adds somethings - maybe fixes a thing
then suddenly it becomes quite messy trying to sync everyones stuff back up and involves using Tortoise SVN in explorer

Although, this is perhaps primarily our fault, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a : “If you want to edit this, you have to check it out” kind of logic ? rather than when you come to Save it says “check out or make writeable” - which is a bit silly i think… making it writeable will be worse in the long run and (as the scenario described above) check out will fail


You should see a pop-up notification when you modify a non-checked out file that says “Files need check-out!” and a link to click to do this. This functionality is enabled in Editor Preferences->Loading & Saving->Source Control.

We considered a ‘blocking’ modal dialog that prevented people from editing to be an unnecessary hitch in workflow, so we made it optional.

the files need check out does not seem to happen every time and possibly fades out too quickly.

The notification pops up the first time you dirty an asset, so any subsequent edits (before saving) will not show the popup. I agree that it could persist for longer - ill add an issue to the backlog.

yeah i see the window but as mentioned here the popup message is kind of out of eye sight half the time and disappears leaving my brain thinking : well that couldnt have been too important
its easy to miss especially on 2 monitors, when the Content browser is on one window, and I hope the BP to the other, as the message appears at the bottom corner of the first window

tbh, after some of problems we’ve had I think I’d rather a modal window (maybe lol) - is this possible to turn on ?

Also, when I do run into confliction problems I cant use “diff against” it never brings up any thing ? would it be possible to have a Merging / Compare tool ?
Or a viewer (as i said, the Diff Against doesnt work for me - so, no idea what features it offers)
I get this error alot too : File partially loaded
Which is annoying as…well… why did Unreal only partially load to file to then annoy me ? lol because this causes the next set of loops :
click save
You must check out file to save
check out
Cant check out file as it’s partially loaded. save file to check out

Right now we don’t have a modal window available to turn on & also merge functionality is still in the works, so that isn’t an option at the moment.

The ‘file partially loaded’ loop is very interesting however; Do you have any steps to reproduce this one?

when i first came across “partially loaded” i posted here : Cant save asset as unreal only partially loaded it - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m not 100% sure how to get a partially loaded file
it sems if i check in, and say “dont save”, then check out again, that sometimes fixes it