Request for step by step tutorial HTML5 and Unreal Engine 4 -PLEASE!

Hey Guys!
I try to following this guide:

and use first way to do it. But my knowledge is near to 0 :slight_smile:
I already installed Visual Studio 2010, created account on GitHub, downloaded Emscripten 1.34.1-64bit, installed Python2.7, updated UE4 to 4.8.3, downloaded and made as my default browser and the nightmare starts here.
When I go to emscripten there is no exe file.

Can someone who has knowledge make a simple tutorial- step by step, what should be done to do it wright or just help me to finish my project?

that guide is horribly outdated…and you dont need VS, github or at all :slight_smile:
but you will have to downgrade emscripten to 1.29 to get anywhere…
check this post: Cofiguring emscripten for windows - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hey ,

Did you open the Emscripten Command Prompt application from Start > Emscripten > Emscripten Command Prompt? If so, within the command prompt type “emsdk install” without the quotations. After the information has populated, please then type in --old more information will appear and please wait for it all to populate. Then type “emsdk activate ‘version number’” for example: C:\Program Files\Emscripten>emsdk activate sdk-1.29.0-64bit

Once that is complete, your Emscripten should be up to date but please remember to also update your environment variables as follows:

Value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\emscripten\1.29.0 (or wherever emcc.exe is location)
Value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\clang\e1.29.0_64bit (or wherever llvm.exe is location)
Value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten
ode\0.10.17_64bit (or wherever node.exe is location)
Value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\python\ (or wherever python.exe is location)

Please keep in mind that Unreal Engine 4.9 should not have the same troubles with Emscripten as 4.8, so when you upgrade to 4.9 once it’s officially released, it should be quite a bit easier to use. :slight_smile:

I hope this information is useful to you. If you happen to run into any further complications, feel free to post on AnswerHub as well. Have a great day!

Hi Ollinator,
So uninstall emscripten 1.34? When I did this, and try to install 1.29 it automaticly starts to upload files from 1.34. How can I stop it?

Hi :slight_smile:
Where can I find “environment variables”? Is it a part of emscripten?

from the post i linked:


oh and i just saw wrote it up in her reply as well…reading is ^^