Request for Quote - Modular Armor - Non-Exclusive Licence

AGP::Epica is a tactical RPG where players explore an open world with quest areas which generate random quests to establish their own faction in a post earth, apocalyptic solar system. Combat ranges from melee to capital ship battles and everything in between.

**Status: **Final phase of Alpha, preparing for Beta on Steam Early Release.

  • Random Quest Generator
  • Realistic Bullet Physics
  • Cooperative, squad based multiplayer
  • Classless skill system with up to 216 skills and 5 weapons per loadout
  • Full Spectrum Combat (Melee to capital ship battles)

Talent Required:
3D Artists (multiple)

  • Ability to export to FBX format
  • A passion for armour, science fiction
  • Experience with UE4 toolset
  • Expected to create, rig, texture/material armour

Looking to create an interchangeable standardized armour system for the Unreal 4 engine, using the HeroTPP skeleton base for a modular pawn.

Non Exclusivity
Unreal Marketplace is currently lacking a modular armour solution. Artist is encouraged to sell work on UE4 Marketplace to allow other game developers access. **This is on top of the standard pay for the work. ** Multiple artists wanted.

Request for quote for:

  • 28 pieces of armour (Helmet, Torso, Pauldron [Left and Right]), Bracers[Left and Right], Gloves[Left and Right], Thighs[Left and Right], Shins[Left and Right], Boots [Left and Right] - Male and Female versions) - example image below
  • Materials created and included with work
  • Rigging to HeroTPP skeleton



Definitely appealing to know that you are ok with non-exclusivity. I’ll reach out to you here and hopefully we can connect early next week