Request for ps4 access, no response

Hello, I sent a request for access to ps4 (Unreal Engine - Console Development Request for UE4) a long time ago, I didn’t get an answer, we should have time to submit the project by October. Please help solve the problem with access. We have access to siedev.

Or do we need to access UN4 ps4 differently?

Hi Sengalias.

I see that we have received the confirmation of PS4 developer status from Sony on July 9, which was required to move forward. Thank you for submitting this, we will take the next steps in the process now. Please watch your email for an update.

Thank you

I signed everything, after about how long will they open access to me?

The remaining steps are underway and should be completed within 24 hours

You must register and sign the NDA with Sony (
Next, you apply for a PS4 access request from Epic Games (Unreal Engine - Console Development Request for UE4)

Detailed instructions - PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Now Supported! - Unreal Engine

Hello, I send a request a month ago to access to ps4. I signed the NDA and i keep waiting for an answer. We have to port our title in Octobre. WE have access to devnet etc…

Would you mind to tell us what we have to do?


Yes, we did it a month ago… And we keep waiting, is the same problem that happens to you I think.

We’ve been on Devnet for years, but we’ve always done Unity ports. We want to start with Unreal, but we didn’t think that with Epic it would be such an arduous process…

Do you expect DevNet to be open?

Try to write on the forum here, put tags and so on and fulfill all the requirements on the site that I sent you.

Yes,yes, I did 3 day ago too… It’s a little weird, we know it’s a manual process to send the containing instructions for accessing the console code and tools, but what’s taking so long? I wrote this post because I saw that you were solved, so we speeded up the process…

We can connect elsewhere, I would like to ask you something?