Request for more paper2D learning resources and Paper 2D sub forum

Hey Epic,

Would it be possible to get more official Paper2D learning resources?
Here is what I would like to see -

  • A 2D Top down sample project. (BP and C++)
  • A sample on sprite batching / Sprite instancing.
  • A sub forum for paper2D would be nice as well for people to share knowledge about Paper2D and the like.
  • A example of dynamic lighting in a Paper2D project.
  • A Paper2D based Day Night system. Example ->

Why I am requesting this - Allot of people are complaining about bad performance with Paper2D.
I think that these people are not using Paper2D to the fullest.

I also personally want to extend my knowledge of Paper2D but there are not enough up to date learning resources for Paper2D.
It would be great to have a “2D Content examples” covering allot of the aspects of Paper2D, its various systems and sub systems.

Thank you for your time,