Request for Martial Melee Combat Animations

Making a 3rd person multiplayer RPG and I’m in need of several melee combat styled animations. I will pay for a complete set that would work with the standard Mannequin_SK that defaults in Blender, I’ll add my own character’s meshes. Its a Co-Op game so some of the animations need to work together too like flanking maneuvers.

Particularly I am looking for:

1H Sword with Shield
Boxing Hand to Hand
Dual Wielding Daggers
Double Headed Naginata <==----mm-----==> hope that helps
Crossbow (as improvised melee too) and Bomb throwing
2H Great Sword
Dual wielding Scimitars
Tesla Cannon

I realize this is a lot to ask, and there are some things already in the marketplace. But the ones in the marketplace are ‘incomplete’ I feel for the scope of what my team is putting together. So basically I’m looking for a part time animator for the next 6 months to assist on our project.