Request for feedback: AMD GPUs performances


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for feedback to the community.

With the new GPU generation hitting the market last months, I’m wondering how AMD RX7900 series perform in Unreal Engine 5.1, for Video Game editing.

This topic is not about debating which GPU is the best value, etc. I’m trying to collect feedback about editing performance. Both Nvidia and AMD have proven to be excellent GPUs once in game, but editing performance figures are hard to find. Let’s just talk about technical performance here, and forget about prices.

On pugetsystems website, performances seem to be very poor for AMD hardware, but this is for Unreal Engine 4.26. AMD announced earlier that they worked with Epic Games on unreal Engine 5, but their article does not give much information. So I am wondering why these figures look so bad on pugetsystems.

If you have some latest generation, consumer-grade AMD GPU (AMD RX7900 series), please let us know/see some performance metrics in a Video Game editing environment in UE 5.1. If possible, with a lot of Nanite meshes, 8k textures, foliage, big landscape, etc.

Thank you, and happy editing!

you can use both, but usually INVIDIA is recommended for editing it’s kind of an unwritten rule