Request for community input -- improving weapons!

Hi, everyone! I’ve been thinking about revising our guidelines for weapons to make it easier not only for people to develop and submit them to the Marketplace, but also for people to be able to shop for and find exactly what they need. As it stands now, our guidelines require at least five assets in a submission, but I don’t think that necessarily makes sense for all types of weapons. I’m thinking firearms in particular, because they can be very specific, and highly customizable. There’s a big difference in the labor involved in creating 5 assault rifles than in creating 5 knives, for example. And if you’re specifically looking to buy an AK-47, you may not really want the other 4 rifles included with it. You just want a really good AK-47.

Here’s what I’m proposing:

  1. Drop the minimum requirement of 5 weapons in a single submission. Instead, decide on a case-by-case basis. The idea is to present as much value as possible, not necessarily requiring a hard number.

  2. For submissions featuring less than 5 assets, maintain the high quality standards, but require more functionality. For example, if it’s a firearm, it must include animatable or removable parts (bolt action\slide, removable magazine\clip, individual bullets, spent shells).

  3. To add more value to a single weapon, we can suggest submitters add customization options like scopes, laser sights, bayonet, additional materials, material customization, or even animations, VFX, sounds, first-person arms, a working scope, and other cool features like that. These will not be requirements and we wouldn’t reject a submission for not having them, but we think they’re really useful, cool features that people want, and they can definitely add value if you’re buying a single weapon.

I’ve discussed this with the team and we think this may be a better way forward for people buying Marketplace content and for people developing it, and we’d like to hear the community’s comments and feedback on it. What do you think? If I’m missing anything, let me know!

MAKE THE WEAPONS FACE DOWN +X!!!shift+one1111!!!

Or make them all face down +Y. +X Imo is better.

Just make them all consistent. Consistency is good.

I was raised to believe that you should never rotate a firearm down the X axis toward anything you don’t intend to kill.

But yes, we do need to crack down on that and be consistent. That’s not the kind of thing I want someone buying Marketplace content to have to worry about. I’ll talk to the team about this and make sure we establish a consistent standard moving forward. Thank you!

If someone is selling a single gun, would be pretty cool if include a Blueprint ready to attach as child actor to the socket, all the buyer would have to do is call a “Shoot” event, after attaching, and implementation into the game is done;
Dunno if you already request that… More like a prefab, not just a 3d model.

I like these ideas for fewer than 5 submissions. That was one of the things that I was looking at when I considered doing characters - making two male/female variants but adding lots of functionality and value. I think this is a wonderful idea for weapon submissions, and can even lead to more cool feature heavy weaps. Someone get a Johny 7 OMA on the marketplace ASAP! =P