Request for AR support to roadmap

Hi -
I do a mix of real-time work Unreal 4/Unity and Augmented reality (Metaio & Aurasma)
Currently Unity seems to have the monopoly on the integration into Augmented Reality engines - Vuforia, Metaio, Total Imersion3D, etc…

I’d personally love some connection between Metaio / Metaio Creator and Unreal 4!

Is there any chance of adding this to some future roadmap? I would guess at some-point VR and AR will combine. (eg - looking ahead towards Google’s Project Tango, etc…)

I think it will be good start to offer blueprints outputs from cross platform hardware sensors that’s the first step for real AR.
“Augmented Reality engines” - Vuforia, Metaio, Total Imersion3D are less I important ( in my opinion) right now.

The Epic devs might get around to this support, but I would also ping those AR maker’s forums so you can make it known that there is a demand for UE4 integration. The fastest way to get support would be for those manufacturers to create UE4 plugins or to work very closely with the Epic devs on getting integration.

I would have to agree with Zeustiak on this :slight_smile:

A lot of people have been asking for UE4 integration on the Vuforia forums, but nothing has been mentioned yet.

Any news on this? We’ve been doing a lot of VR work in Endtimes Studio and it’s just batshit crazy how many AR requests we’re getting every day. We’d really love to see something happen in this field.

UE4 needs camera support first before even thinking about AR

We should be way past ‘thinking’ about AR, we should already be doing it in UE4. I Have been showing off and teaching simple AR in my 3D classes for almost a decade now, and although I use UE4 in some of these design classes, I have to switch to other software to show off AR concepts. Interactive AR is one of the top 3 items on my students wish list to learn. I already have them import their 3D models into UE4, and with basic blueprints we get some interactivity going. Just one step missing before outputting it to android or ios and having them load it up on their phones and tablets as fully interactive AR. Hopefully after Tim Sweeney’s speech in China this will become a reality. Super glad Epic has at least joined the VR party. :slight_smile: