Request for an output pin of "Execute Console Command" node

Hi everyone!

As most of us know, there is this Execute Console Command node, but it has inputs only…

So… My request is to add bool pin, that outputs true, when command was found and executed. And false, if command was not found.

The reason I’m asking, because I’m planning to make my custom command panel, that allows users to execute cheats and debug stuff. I’m making it with blueprints, so there is no way to implement it with default console.

As soon as user enters cheat code, game will look for this custom command in codes array, and if it’s not found, it will try to execute engine command (like SetRes). But here is the problem… If user enters command, that does not exist in my custom list or engine’s list, it should give an error, but right now there is no way to check, if command was found or not. So that is the reason I requesting this feature. That way people could branch their logic depending on entered console actions.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Use a branch?

Hey AlFlakky,

I’ve entered an official Feature Request to have an output pin added to the Execute Console Command node; JIRA [UE-18322]. If this feature is added to the engine an update will be added to this post. Thanks for your suggestion!

I would also like this.