[Request] Foliage Material Example

It would be nice to get some example foliage material. Since the custom lighting is gone, I can’t really figure out how to get Back Diffuse Lighting onto foliage (and other things that came along like Ambient color).

Using SSS gives at best strange results. When looking in direction of sun, it’s looking pretty ok, but when we have sun on our back, it looks to bright (it also depends on mesh direction, but it best visible on plane that is back and front are set to match sun direction).

Either way SSS doesn’t really work in my case for grass. As setting up to high and in “front” (facing sun), part of the grass is to bright. Setting to low and “back” part of grass is to dark.

Hi Lukasz,

We have a series of demolets scheduled for release that should help you with understanding foliage and SSS. When these demolets are released, please let us know if they do not adequately display how to create realistic foliage.

Thank you,



Thanks for answer. That’s good to know, I hope they will be release soon!

Any news on the foliage demo?


This is a question from the beta version of the engine. We are marking this answered for tracking purposes. If you are experiencing an issue similar to this please post a new question.

Thank you.