(REQUEST) Fantasy race character pack

Hello all, im trying to build a server on Ark Survival Evolved, my idea is to add Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, and Humans to my game for roleplay purposes. Now some of these models already exist but not all, and id pay well for a pack of all 5 characters with animation. Just melee fighters, perhaps give the humans helmets so they look sort of diverse. thank you!

I might try to start with something as simple as that with the maya character creation pack but not sure what my goals are as of right now in terms of an independant dev/game designer xD bought a google play developer account and downloaded unreal 4 engine kit also GODOT… this might be a good starting point for me though because well that doesn’t seem hard at all from what I already know and have resources too… Let me know more I’ll let you know more etc whatever