[Request] Fade to white in Unreal Engine 4

Hello folks of the UE4 forum,

I have been trying to create a function where the screen fades to white when colliding with a trigger volume. The method I’m currently using utilises the matinee, a camera actor and things such as a LinearColor Property track (SceneColor tint) and it “kinda” works. The problem with this method is that the fade don’t last/isn’t persistent so I was wondering if somone know of a better method to create a fade to white function.

Thanks in advance,

Mr Baozi

Have you tried using post process materials ? I haven’t tried this myself but I believe it can be done with those.

I am doing something like this using the HUD class. There are various functions in there to draw textures/materials in screen space. You can just call the hud’s DrawMaterial function in your DrawHUD override method.

void DrawMaterialSimple(UMaterialInterface* Material, float ScreenX, float ScreenY, float ScreenW, float ScreenH, float Scale=1.f, bool bScalePosition=false);