[Request] External raw files

Well as an FX artist I would be happy to have the ability to sell my Max files containing the FumeFX info and ofc a rendered version of the final product that the users can do as they please afterwards. Devs can re-simulate and tweak the grids to their need, Sim again and re-render new variations.

Is there any plans or info regarding this kind of assets as right now the marketplace only supports “internal” assets.

The main thing we’re trying to avoid is asset packs full of non-UE4 assets. If you have a nice set of FX that work in UE4 AND you want to include the source files in a separate folder, that’s totally fine.

There’s a usability thing where the end user will have to navigate into their projects folders to get at those source files but you are certainly able to include them.

Hey thanks for the reply.

Those source files would cost normally a lot of money, If i include them in my FX packs either i will have to raise the price or lose money by including them for free. You understand that these simulation setups etc can cost hundreds.

Thus I am asking for a way to include them in marketplace seperately. An FX artist from Epic can verify what i am talking about as well.

If this isn’t possible for an X-Y reason that is fine as well, I can distribute those files to something like Turbosquid and link them to my description on the pack on marketplace if possible. You think the last could work (If allowed ofc).

Ahh OK. I see what you mean now.

Well, with the current state of the marketplace, you would either need to include them and raise the price or not include them and wait until we have better support for non-UE4 files down the line. We currently wouldn’t accept a pack of non-UE4 files.

Sounds good, That’s all i wanted to know (If it’s at least down the road).

Will wait until then or push them to some external site until then.