[REQUEST] expose IOnlineSession::UpdateSession() to Blueprints

Well, I did a complete menu for online games, with lobby, and I found a critical problem, and its that when you have created a session, you dont have any way to change the max players allowed on the same session.

Im able to change the map and game mode on runtime from the lobby, but since I cant change the max public connections the lobby lose a big part of his sense.

I found that this can be done throught code, but I did all in BPs so would be a good think to expose this function to blueprints IOnlineSession::UpdateSession()

Keep up the good work Epic,
Thank you very much!

PD: I forgot to mention that would be good to add an output pin from “Create Session” with the resultant sesion just created, Im not sure if there is a way, but I cant find any method to reference the self session on the host.

Hi Nesjett,

Thank you for your request, I have entered a feature request UE-8616 to be considered by the development staff.

Thank you Adam.

Is there any way to see this requests? Im not sure if there is a public repository for that.


Hi Nesjett,

This is something we are looking at in the future but currently we don’t have any option available for public tracking. Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe of when that could/would be made available to you.

Hey there Adam,

If possible, can you please tell me which bug tracking software Epic use? Are you using your own internal system or anything like Bugzilla, Mantis BT, JIRA?

Hi ryanjon2040,

We use JIRA for tracking.

Thank you very much Adam :smiley: