[request] Epic please fix asset folders managment once and for all

Hi i always have a problem with moving assets and folders inside editor, for example when i try to move one folder with many assets to another folder some times this not work, or when i delete folder after restart editor it show again, or if i do migrate sometimes it work with error, and all works vary,vary, slow do something with that

PS i see on forum that there is menu option Fix up redirectors in folders but it also some time fork and some time not

If you have a single map, you can try a hack to disable the redirectors completely. It requires a custom engine build, though - so take your time.
You might need to do some adjustments for your engine version.
I would strongly recommend against using this hack if you have more than one map in a project, this might and will permanently break asset references on maps that are not loaded.

i find redirectors are very complicated also.
May be UE4 should make separate single file (or folder) for all redirectors?
I dont like to have redirectors among existing Content.

After you move assets to another folder you should be able to right click > fix redirectors and delete them without harm.

If only it was that simple.

There are a few issues with redirectors, however, one big improvement would be to perform a sanity check on the folder layout when bringing content into the engine. Folder structure shouldn’t be, for example, Content{Name of Package}\Material\MaterialName; instead, it should follow a sane naming convention of Content\Materials{Name of Package}\MaterialName

I think this is why this is an ongoing issue, is that people are trying to organize projects that have a ton of 3rd party assets. Or, at least, give the user an option of where to put the folder that they are bringing in, although this would be a bit more complicated. The importer would need to be a popup that detects the folder structure of the content, with a folder-chooser textbox to the left that is auto-populated by default, but will allow the user to import in specific locations. Both of these solutions would at least be a step in the right direction.