[Request] Engine Modding Section on here or Marketplace

Make a section somewhere where people who mod the editor source code can upload their stuff and others can download it to theirs. We would get a lot of these feature requests done a lot quicker that way. Thanks.

I just realized it does it when you tab out as well…how is this even a thing? Also could you make it so that the windows I put on my other monitor open back up after I tab back in; right now I have to go to the ‘Window’ tab at the top and re open them every time. How can you guys be creating new features and not do anything about such big and weird issues with the engine? Thanks.

You know what would be dope too? If we could ctrl click multiple windows and move them around together like the way we can actors. Sometimes I want to pull windows over to my main monitor for a closer look; would be way faster and cleaner. Thanks.