Request Dynamic Physical Water Tut

I would like to put a request in for some well explained video tutorials that would show how this guy did his water both for oceans and rivers.
along with how to have floating meshes explaining and showing how to have boats, ships, submarines and jet skis alike. Please don’t leave out swimming both on top and under water. Would like to see how to have static meshes likes rocks in the middle of the river with a nice transition of the water going around the rock, same as for the ocean waves retracting in from the shore lines. Also when showing how to do rivers please show how you can make a very curvy river mesh with water falls in 3dmax or maya. This would be a HUGE help! Thanks a bunch!

I have posted awiki entry on this but it is more focused on how to do a render target lookup than making objects float.

I have no answers to most of your questions as I have not done it myself. What I can tell you is how I made objects float.

Each object has a series of points around their mesh that test if they are over or under water. When they are underwater I apply a force at that location to push them up (buoyancy) and when they are over the water I apply gravity.

I still need to tweak a lot of the calculations to apply better dampening as everything is too floating right now.

Your tutorial is not enough to make ocean like in the video.There is missing blueprint parts.Can you complete it.

And @MountainDew you can merge this ocean with other swimable water tutorials (i will try if i can make huge waves like this.

I have searched youtube high and low for dynamic water like what you have in your video. You have the best example out there right now and that says alot. I found your wiki shortly after I found your videos and I was really impressed at how you went about accomplishing the dynamic water. Right now Im not that good yet with programming, blueprints, and materials. I too would love to see a youtube tutorial from start to finish how you got your results. Great Job!

That would be awesome to see huge waves with an Actor swimming or floating in a tutorial. I keep trying but fail horribly.

I added a tutorial for adding buoyancy to pawns

Thank You Im watching it now! I also comment on it.

Is the code for OceanManager somewhere and how about setting the render target? Is that blueprint somewhere? I quess the tutorial is already really good. Just asking in a hurry :slight_smile:

The Ocean Manager is only returning height at a point XY. That part is in the RenderTarget tutorial. I am thinking of doing a tutorial for a mathematically based ocean.

That would be nice! Would it work with your buoyancy tutorial? Also, about your wiki tutorial, 1. Is the water material in the videos the same as the one in the wiki? I didn´t get the same results and followed it to the letter(maybe node variations between versions?). 2. the blueprint part in the wikiis also very informative, yet vague to inexpert users like myself, I got lost halfway in :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the mathematical ocean video

and here is a blueprint only version of the ocean, it’s a bit old and will need to be converted to the newer engine version.

Ocean Sample

By the way you might also wanna take a look at the community ocean project (link in my signature), it started based on Handkor’s tutorial and there has been a lot of improvements added overtime (for example advanced buoyant mesh component).

But if you want to learn how it is done rather than download a project that has everything already implemented then Handkor’s tutorials is probably the best starting point, then you could learn further by studying the community ocean project and other projects.