[Request] Documentation structure

I have fairly simple request. Can we get better structure documentation ? What I mean:

  1. Tree Link structure on the side, that is always visible.
  2. Less interdependencies. Just create several categories, then subcateogries and put documentation under them. We really don’t need split like Technical Guide, Technical Artist (which in most cases share the same links), or Content Creation and Content Pipline & assets, which are virtually the same thing. Only thing that It brings is utter confustion to where to look for things.
  3. Instead Make 5 categories like: “Beginners, Editor Usage, Content Creation, Technical Documentation, Programming”. Content Creation would gather all stuff about well, creating content for engine (not related to edior it self). Editor Usage would gather all things you can make inside editor (very important), Technical Documentation would only focus on theoretical side of things. There can be of course more categories, but please keep them simple, meaningful and unique. Single article should belong to single category in tree structure.

I second. Since you’re using Bootstrap, follow the Bootstrap wiki model (sidebar especially). IMO, it will also make it much easier to maintain. As an example, the content list in the Coding Standard can be made a sidebar, but more appropriately a lot of the pages in Gameplay Programming can be condensed into one page with headers and a sidebar.

Hey guys, thanks for the input. We are always looking at ways to improve the layout and presentation of information in the documentation. We will definitely take your ideas into consideration.

If I had to suggest some layout, then look at it:
There is ic nice bar on left, and in generally there is no clutter, as everything is nicely organized in single tree, with few cateogries.