[REQUEST] DevKit update before or at same time Updates Roll Out.

I know you have a specific way you want people to mod for stackability and all that…
But its highly annoying to have a patch roll out, users update (coz its automatic), then can’t join the server because I delay patching the server.
And the reason I delay patching the server, is because then they won’t receive the new content you’ve brought in.

I thought with the Total Conversion there would come some options to open up how we could mod… but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now I have to sit here and wait for the DevKit to be updated (most recent past record is roughly a week from a patch) for players to get the new content.
This doesn’t seem like a very good way to approach the DevKit/Mod Community Support arena.

i thought they would be the same files Ark and devkit considering that ark is just a cooked version of the devkit i believe for convenience and simplicity that if theres an update it should be carried to devkit then to ark so we the modders can test if they stuffed it up lol

yes, the updates on the dev kit are slow-rolling, especially on the launcher now. I was going to work on a mod while my server is down (the one I play on) and I simply can’t cause the dev kit is still not updated

The Devs have to first release content when they originally state its going to be released on the discussion boards, once that is done consistently then i will badger them about get the updated ADK at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes i would love to get a updated ADK at the same time as a release…

this should be updated weekly on a say friday with us getting it thursday then ppl would be happy cause it will be major release packs and no bugs cause we would have already tested it :slight_smile: just an idea

Interesting point. I do see this becoming an issue although I always patch the server… New dinos they add come in. I have a mod restricted to specified engrams so I have to wait on the dev kit to update the items though. Which is where I fall into your bucket above. With the sickle I was able to guess the name and add it before they dropped the dev kit or the info to add it to specified engram servers.

It will make it tough for servers running mods… not necessarily the mods themselves. My server pop will drop if I’m a week behind updates. They are already banging at the devs team doors like apes for the latest update. Ok, I had to… Imagine what its like if they have to wait a week after that. I’m optimistic something will work out…

If you make a good mod, then the people using it really won’t mind the wait. They are using your mod because it adds to their gameplay experience enough that they don’t HAVE to have every new things right when it happens. I have been happily working with the devkit’s schedule and my “subscriber” numbers have continued to increase.

If you make your mod in a way that it easily stacks, that usually means that any new updates to the game will work fairly well also. So just make sure that you are making your mod as stackable as possible (I have dinos, weapons, structures, and loot drops) and there’s always a way.

im asking:
if there the same thing ark and devkit?
if there going to do mojor updates or minor patches all the time?
if they can find out why some ppl can some ppl cant update?
if they can make it that as long as the item isnt a number/same number in the master list if it can just add the new stuff on update-
(eg new ark item 5 ur item 10 my item 20 so that way all mods can be run and spawned and nothing gets left out just an idea)
and if i just dont put something in the masterlist (i dont but anyway) but does that help with stacking like is that how were ment to do it

if i could get answers that would be epic cheers for the help