Request - Custom Filters for Content Browser assets


I have recently found the need for something that the Content Browser doesn’t seem to have implemented: Custom Filters.

I am currently working with many assets that all have specific visual themes [depending on which area they are being used in], and it would be a great if I were able to create my own custom filters such as “Furniture”, “Kitchen”, “Tools”, etc, and then be able to apply those filters to any asset desired. Also, the ability to put these into our own categories might also be nice. This would be purely for the sake of organization and easier asset management.

Just thought I’d share my input, as this is something that I feel would help with organization and quickly finding the correct assets.

You could do this by using collections to tag your assets (the documentation is a little old, you can also add assets to collections via their context menu), and then you can use the advanced search syntax to filter based on a collection (or set of collections). Advanced search queries can also be saved as dynamic collections so you can easily re-apply them.

I never knew that existed. Well, this is basically what I was looking for! Guess that solves that then. Thanks for the heads up!