[REQUEST] Creature presets for ART in Maya, also a MEL version.


Is it possible for EPICs animation team to make a creature preset (such as dragons and other 4 feeted creatures) for the ART in Maya?
And maybe make a MEL version of ART for MayaLT guys, when MayaLT dont support Phyton. Hope that can be done, so one can make
a animator portofolio with Maya, without having to pay $2500/month for full Maya to use ART.

Anyone? This is also requested in Autodesk`s MayaLT forums: .

Python support for LT would be really handy. But it’s unlikely they will add it. Asked for some years now without any response. Not sure if ART can be ported to MEL.

A full Version of Maya is de facto not $2500/month its more like ~1600 / Year (€ or $) plus taxes.