[Request] Copy connection


Hey everyone. If this functionality already exists could anyone please tell me how to do it, but if it doesn’t it makes sense to introduce it into the BPEditor. Currently you can disconnect, or drag the current connection to another node but you can’t copy it. Sometimes nodes you are connecting are too far away from each other and it takes time to pan around and zoom in and out to find them. It would’ve saved me a ton of time to just copy the input connection from similar node.

That indeed interesting feature idea and it could be implemented as extension for exiting connection grab function (picking up by holding Alt button) for example when you press and hold shift, it will place copy on orginal position and while you holding you would able connect same node infinitly where ever you like.

You could post this idea in feedback section of UE4 forum, you more likely to get attention from epic there regarding feature suggestions

That’s a good idea but also consider that if you have to connect to something so far away, then your code may be turning into a mess that needs to be better organized using collapse nodes, functions, or macros.
It might be turning into spaghetti.

You may be right but cleaning happens after you’ve figured stuff out and tried different things to find the best solution. Organizing stuff you’ll delete anyway is a waste of time.

That’s usually true, I have to admit.
I’m at a point in my project’s development where it’s really hard to tell what’s going on b/c of the jumble of wires so I’m cleaning it up in order to find out what I can cut and what needs to stay. BUT I also admit, it’s almost finished, too. I just can’t figure out what’s causing the last few bugs, so I hope reorganizing will reveal something.

I would like that feature you’re asking for, too, though.