[Request]:Content browser filters

I think it would be useful to have some small buttons/icons to select all, none and invert under each group and for all filters too.

Hi Tomas,

Select All/None is already available per group by just clicking in the box next to the name (for example, next to “Basic”). Additional UI for it, in the same location, would seem unnecessary.

I am also not understanding when it would be necessary to enable all filters (for every group). In essence this would be the same as having no filters at all. However, I do agree that a global Select None option could be useful.

Lastly, is an option to Invert a common need for you? I do not see much practical application in inverting your current selection.

Please let me know if the inclusion of these options would truly have a meaningful impact on your workflow.


Hi again,

I just realized that you held the same conversation with Jeff.Wilson over in the original post (https://rocket.unrealengine.com/questions/5352/feedbackrequestsui.html), and that his thoughts mirrored my own. I won’t ask you to repeat yourself again. :wink:

Thank you for the feedback. I agree there is some room for improvement with managing filters, and I have reported your request.

By describing the functionality globally I went into duplicating the already presented all/none that are there per group. So yeah, that’s redundant. Still invert and also All/None/Invert for all the filters would be useful. At least it looks like that to me, but already the feedback from Jeff and you shows like I’m probably over-complicating things :slight_smile:

We are always interested in knowing what would make for more efficient workflows for our users. Of course, all features take time and effort to implement and test, so we like to make sure that they have practical, real-world needs for them. It’s a balance… but please, keep letting us know when you find that something is missing.

I would love to have a whole category in Rocket Beta for Efficient, FLOW-based Workflow Improvements. I know the Forums are available, but the Rocket Beta site is getting the most traffic. Any ideas here, Stephen?

I feel this idea may be best to start out on the forums. Perhaps discuss and flesh out ideas with the community, and then, as you come up with ideal solutions for specific workflows, make individual posts on the UDN with your goals and suggestions.

Stephen, that actually clarifies things for me tremendously as well !

That’s a good philosophy regarding the discussion and community approach.

Thanks, man !