[Request] Compound Components

Ive found it useful in the past to have sets of Components I use together commonly, such as in the case of a Hit Effect where I spawn sprites, sounds, decals so it would be handy to be able to group all of these together (even with a damage component) to create a Data Structure.

The thing of it is currently you can encapsulate structures within blueprint having the defaults editable like an object, well you can but its always as the sub-object of something else which makes using them modularly fundamentally flawed.


Hi Daniel,

There is an upcoming feature (not implemented in Beta 6, but will be in future releases) called Child Actor Components. These will allow you to create a Blueprint with the Components of your choosing, and then include this Blueprint as a Child Actor Component in another Blueprint.

Hopefully, once available, this will satisfy your needs.


Ahh perfect, exactly what I was thinking. This should be helpful in alot of ways but Im planing on using it for elemental effects specifically so I can pass those around to different pawns and other actors :slight_smile:

I’d create a DataAsset subclass to store references to my various component types, then create instances of that from within the editor :slight_smile:

Thats similar to what I had in this instance, I was using a class with a heap of pointers in there but I wasnt happy with that as I wanted to be able to drag’n’drop the objects directly into the class properties.

Trouble here is that Actor has all the optimizations for managing Components so to actually display it back you need an Actor with that Compound Component. Im wondering if maybe it can be wraped through in a temporary actor perhaps. Maybe thats not entirely correct though, Im going by my best guess.