[Request] "Comment" out Blueprint Nodes

I would like be able to comment out a selection of nodes in Blueprint. I’m not sure how feasible that is but it would be great to have a similar workflow to C++. Highlight a section of blueprint and just disable it temporarily. Preferably with a keyboard shortcut.

While disabling pins and reconnecting will work…it can be cumbersome with complex blueprints.


You should probably post this in the Feedback section of the forums.


Great suggestion!

There are a couple great things from Nuke (compositing program) that I miss in UE4. Disable node, ‘d’, is one of them. It’s way more convienient than re-wiring around something. Great for testing.

I also miss the mini-nav in nuke for navigating big graphs. It’s just a little preview that pops up in the corner of the node graph when it grows too large. You can see it in this image.

Nuke also has an auto align feature which really helps with readability.

When you hold the Ctrl key, it also allows you to move the entire upstream graph as a unit. Really fantastic for quick organization.

Nuke also has comment/backdrop nodes like ue4, but the features above really help keep things fast.

Just disconnect the Exec pin and you essentially get the same result. You can also use Comments to specify that this is something you disabled and then move it to the left side of the graph.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the case…

I just received an answer from someone on the staff regarding this topic : “Unlike commenting, an unpinned node is more like an unused function in code. The functionality is there but it isn’t being called by anything. As such, it will still experience errors in functionality if it requires a specific piece of information”

A comment in code is not parsed by the compiler, a disconnected node however IS parsed …

I would also very much like to be able to comment out chunks of nodes in a blueprint. So, I wholeheartedly support your request, omskillet !