[Request] Combine AutoDXT import with nomenclature


since the AutoDXT system is enabled by default, it make things a bit annoying when you need to change the compression settings for your normals maps (for example). I was wondering if it could possible to make an more automated process. I’m sure at Epic artists work with specific nomenclature.

Mine is like this :

  • txt_texturename (= diffuse)
  • txt_texturename_n (= normal map)
  • txt_texturename_s (= separate specular)
  • txt_texturename_d (= displacement map)

and so on…

The idea would be to ask the AutoDXT to check for a certain string in the filename and change the compression setting of the texture on the fly, instead of asking the user to change every settings by opening every textures. And of course, the string to match would be stored in an ini configuration file (which lets the nomenclature free to the user).

We may end up adding such a configurable naming convention in the future for textures, but for now we are instead experimenting with auto-detection based on content. In particular, we are currently working on some logic to auto-detect normal maps with reasonable accuracy. In the cases where we can determine if your texture is a normal map, the compression settings will be automatically assigned upon import. This is preferable as it does not require the user to configure or already know a naming convention.