[Request] Color over life distribution parameter for GPU Particles

In Color Over Life module we cannot set DistributionVectorParticleParameter if the type data is GPU Sprites. That option is greyed out. So i cannot change color of GPU particles at runtime.

What about grass, do you think that could help? I just saw that topic come up.

Pardon me but…what does grass has to do in this question?

If you look at the other forum someone is having difficulty with grass, dont you think this feature would have some use in that regard?

I guess what Im saying is perhaps we show some uses for the features rather than just requesting everything even if its not actually going to be used.

Hey Satheesh,

Thanks for the question! Like your other request, I’ve submitted a feature request to add support for the DistributionVectorParticleParameter for GPU Sprites. Again, hopefully we can provide some feedback soon if this will be something we can implement or not.



Thank you Steve! :slight_smile: