[REQUEST] Color blueprint pins/node lines!

Hi! I was messing around with blueprints and I thought that it would be pretty cool if I could change the colors of the pins/node lines. Some of my code gets confusing when it branches out in two or more different directions. So for example, let’s say I have a string called “facing”, and then I do “Switch On String”, I thought it would be nice if I could color the left one blue, for example, and the right one green. That way later down the line when it’s all the way far back I don’t have to retrace my steps in order to figure out what is what.

Thank you!

Hi paragonx9,

Thank you for your request, I have entered a feature request, UE-14074 to be considered by the development staff. You can use comment boxes and color code them to allow you to differentiate between different sets of code, however I can see how coloring the execution pins and links would be extremely helpful.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any progress on this? It’s been over five years, we still need a way to color lines for more visual clarity in blueprints.