request collision from fps gun to player model

the line from the gun that shows where the bullet goes. this can have a setting where it collides with things like bushes and trees which puts a strain on the gpu.

then this collision that increases gpu usage from the line on the gun only happens when the line touches the player.

then you can register/count how many times this happens and how many times this happens and also the trigger is used to shoot the gun and the bullet hits the player.

when the man comes in and says to me, “i just got off of work”, in a rye voice looking at me gestering for me to comment on how i just got off work too…now i come here and you say i don’t want this to be done its work when it should be not work.

so they can brush me off and say for me to do it but then its not done for other games to use for debugging cheaters. but you say i dont agree if its to debug cheaters i say only no work is done you do the work. but then again the rye wry man walking up to me saying he did his job i come here he works here he can do this job for me here.

common sense is not common. what i see and can implement to bug check for hackers is not widely known as a possible bug check for hackers by other developers. like for the escape from tarkov game which has many hackers.

idk is you know what i refer to when i say common sense is not common, and so applying butter to bread which is an analogy for common sense, common sense, for the common fps game developer is necessary here or not.

QUOTE "Murgilod
“Drawing a raycast and logging that data is something you should do yourself. It is specific to the type of game you are making.

it is specific to the type of game you are playing, so the wry guy saying he works cannot do the job because there’s too much work to do. that or the job cannot be done because he’s incompetent. resulting in fps games having no easy tool to debug hackers. which is analogous to picking flies out of the air with chopsticks eventually i will get one, because the wry guy that says hes just got off work cannot build a better fly trap its too much work idk how, is impossible. then he says wry, you go to work now you do the job you set out for me to do.

you see how that works with the wry guy who talks about how he works then he says now you work. no no wry guy you work.