[Request] Clear Documetation on the use of UE_LOG

Dear Friends at Epic,

Thank you for this awesome UE4 experience!

I was wondering if a short document could be written clearly explaining how to use the UE_LOG system

I'd imagine it would be added to this section:

I've been sorting through the shootergame trying to find the example uses, but I have not put it all together in my head yet.

Wonderful forum member Wraiyth told me this info:

"The equivalent of `log is UE_LOG

In each file, you define a log category, something like

Then you use it:
UE_LOG( LogMyLogCategory, Log, TEXT("This is a log message!" ) );"

But I am as yet not able to sort out how this is organized, and I got compile errors with my attempts so far.

**A clear simple document on how I can give myself in-game feedback would be lovely,** as I am mostly running my game from the right click menu not the editor


This is already on our radar and we have a task in the bug tracker to add this documentation. It’s coming as soon as priorities allow. :slight_smile:

okay thanks Jeff! Nice to hear from you!


I would love this as well, I’ve found some examples but they are incomplete.

Thanks to , you can also find some information here:

Hi everyone,

This is an archived post from pre-release. I will close this thread as outdated. Have a great day!