[REQUEST] Change gui float values for snapping/precision?

Inside gui value’s textboxes we can change values by pressing LMB and moving mouse.
So, i suggest to:

  1. Change usual float values by 0.01 precision (or by configurable value).

  2. Cnange angles (pitch, yaw…) by 2,812, BUT, with divisions of 360 rounding, i.e. 2,812 + 2,812 = 5,625 (NOT 5,624).
    (also should be configurable).

When you “Enter values” from keyboard, you should be able to setup any value, but when you use LMB+mousemove then you should always snap.

Also, there is an issue with existing snapping, for example when you setup “Angle snapping to 10”, then Gui textbox value changes not by 10, but by 9,999999 etc, there must be rounding function to precision 0.001 for example, so u should get exatly 10, 20, 30…360.

Also there is no dependency between “Angle snap” option and Details panel ->Transform->Rotation values snapping by LMB+moving mouse, but it should be i suppose.

Also Details->Transform->Location could be movable with snapping dependency, would be good too u suppose.

In short - pls do more snapping everywhere.