[Request] Can UE4 incorporate mixed value support for the editor?

For instance, say I just want to type in 3’ 5 1/2", or 1’ 3/4", or 1’ rather than typing 12.0.

Some geometry editors like Sketchup already feature this, will this be implemented into a future version of Unreal Engine 4 Editor?

I think it would make things go even a bit faster because I’ve a habit of measuring things and using that format when creating base geometry, weather it be a wall section, door, floor section, jet fighter, or jet engine, etc…, and it would be helpful to simply type those values in directly for a cube’s X,Y,Z values rather than using Google to convert the numbers over to the inch representation. It should be able to be accomplished with some basic number value parsing and basic math.

Or even some kind of a right click menu item that comes up when right clicking on value field say for instance the Y value, and then popup displays titled “Enter Mixed Values” with a text field to enter in numbers, when popup window closes after either pressing Enter key or by clicking Apply button, it automatically converts to the inch representation entering the appropriate values into inch format, and only the inch format is displayed in the field like normal to adhere to the existing editors value scale format.

An example using Google for number conversion is like here:

Here’s information on the Google server backend calculator/value converter to perform simple measurement conversion calculations using Google search or alternatively directly in Google Chrome browser via the address bar, this is:

Parsing of 2 search examples:
If I want values for 1’ 1/2" I do 2 searches to convert values seperately.
1’ = inches it (Which returns 12, because 1 foot = 12 inches)
1/2" = inches (Which returns 0.5, because 1/2" = half an inch respectively.)

So the combined number would be 12 + 0.5 = 12.5

First conversion was foot to inches.
Second conversion was inches to inches.

The editor in theory could detect the symbols automatically in code and parse/set the values in proper places to set the proper values for the fields.


Field Value: 12.5

Hi KnightTechDev,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will take this into consideration. Have a great day!