[Request] Can UE4 add support to revert to saved to avoid relaunching the editor?

I have to quit and relaunch UE4 to revert to saved. Considering that I always close Unreal Engine Launcher, that means I have to relaunch both just to revert.

I would love to see this feature as well!

Second this. It horribly affects workflow when you accidentally make changes to a file but don’t want to save it. I also find that the unsaved asterisk will apear on random assets that haven’t even been modified, causing a real pain in the butt when you keep getting asked to check it out from version control and you can’t tell if you have made any actual changes to it…

This should get a million upvotes. The revert/save system in UE4 is the worst aspect of the entire engine that’s made worse if you’re using perforce. This should be considered a serious bug.