[Request/Bug] Switch on String only allows default values of 0 1 2, it would be nice to set them!

Dear Friends at Epic,

The current BP node Switch on String

would be infinitely more useful for me if I could do the following

  1. right click and add a pin, default value appears (0,1,2,3,4)
  2. I then right click on the added pin, and can type in a string to use instead of 0, 2, 3 4

That would be so useful!

Please check out current state of Switch on String if you don’t see my point

It would be an awesome addition

and I actually really could use it for my current project

PS: here’s a pic of what I mean

I’m working from memory here, but can’t you change the names of the pins in the Pin Options section for the node (as seen in the bottom left of your screenshot)?

Hey ,

Similar to what said, you should be able to change the names of the output pins in the details pane, which should allow you the customization you are looking for in regards to specific pins. Is this what you are looking for (see image)?

oh wow that does work!

#Maximum User Friendliness

But based on the fact that I had to post this to figure that out, I can highly encourage adding a right click option for maximum usability / user friendliness

but yes that does work, thanks for the info!


Thanks for the picture !


Thanks . I’ve added a task to our database to add right-click support.

Thanks !

Any news about this problem?