[REQUEST] Blueprintable inventory modifiying

I’m looking for a way to modify the inventory of a storage box at runtime.

I can’t seem to find where the current inventory of a box is stored. On top of that there seems to be no way to check what is inside / modify it with a function.

in the bp in components

It can’t be modified at runtime, which is the issue. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get the inventory / add / remove.

like this http://puu.sh/jmxPi/1e7d902256.png

I need that functionality, too!

im trying to get an area up that will give us and them an option to work together like bp eg. function needs, c++ coding options, so they can see what we need and tell us yes or no or guide us in the right direction heres hopeing

That would be great gankey!

I need this too!

I’d really like to submit something for the modding contest that requires modifying inventories at runtime. Is there a place other than here that I should be making this request?

I’m not sure if this is possible or not, but as soon as I get an answer, I will pass it along to you guys :slight_smile:

I hope so cause this is exactly what I’m wanting … I want to be able to put say 5 wood in a box … count that I have 5 wood (by matching it to the “wood” blueprint and then delete it and create 2 x that in thatch… so value was 5 so x2 and then create 10 thatch now…

A messy way to achieve what you’re trying to do would be to have an event run where it checks the items in the inventory of the chest and if 5 wood are present, the chest is deleted and, in its place, a new chest with the required thatch in the default inventory is present – problems would happen, though, where other items have been placed in the chest WITH said wood, as, as soon as the required wood is present, everything in the chest would be outright deleted (unless some array magic could be worked so-as to remove 5 “wood” items from the current inventory array and then set the default inventory of the new box as the current inventory array sans-5 wood… Hard but I’d imagine it’s doable; would likely be a bit computationally expensive though, especially if this is intended for multiplayer servers…

I know for sure that inventory addition and removal on players is possible thanks to this mod: http://.com//filedetails/?id=532620166 – the premise of the mod is that a chest is filled with items and, whenever a player punches said chest, the items INSIDE the chest are replicated within the player’s inventory (without removing any of the items already in the player’s inventory, I know, but if inventory addition is possible, I’d imagine subtraction is also possible through some means). A check is also run on punching as to whether the player has already received the contents of the chest (essentially using an undroppable token item as a flag; if said item exists in the inventory, the player cannot get the items again). It’s intriguing because, for a long time now, I’ve imagined this to be impossible due to the constraints on the ADK, but it seems that ain’t so anymore. Wish I knew how, lol!

Not the most helpful response, I know, but there’s gotta be a way to do it, I’m almost certain!

I do not know if it is possible with storage box as I have not tried it but I know there is a way to add and remove items from player inventory so it might work for storage box inventory. There are two functions but the first one I had trouble getting to work even though I was setting it up for server to run the function as it only seemed to work on server-side. The first function is called Increment item quantity and you can use negative numbers if you want to remove a certain amount of items, so like -5 would minus 5 from whatever item you were referencing. The other function is much easier but does not notify the player, so for me I created a UI that notifies player when item was added or removed. The second is actually not a function but its a property that you can set called item quantity. I am using it now after days of trouble shooting because the first function just wouldn’t work and I am sure I didn’t miss anything. Either way those two nodes work off the player inventory so if the nodes exist when you pull up storage inventory then you can use that to remove and add items during run-time. Hope that helps

By the way I forgot to mention that the second option can not use negative numbers so if you do you will set your item to a 1, it only uses positive numbers so you would have to do the math in blueprint code and then get the resulting number and set it in the item quantity.