[REQUEST] Blueprint protection

It would be nice if we have something like Blueprint protection. This way, people selling Blueprints on the marketplace, could share level demonstration for people to test what those Blueprints does without having access to it, before buying it anyway.

This does not sound like a good idea. You can never protect anything 100% and all this is doing is giving the hackers and such an easier path way to getting content out to the masses for free. All they have to do is get this test map and get the content out of it, as the protection will be figured out in no time. This just means more work for Epic to ensure the protection is always one step ahead of these guys, and potentially just causes more issues for the people who want to use the products legitimately.

With the source code available, even faster :stuck_out_tongue:

As a customer i would be content with a detailed demonstration video really. And if the video demonstration is nothing like the real code then there is always refund. And as pointed out, you will already be giving your product for free to the hackers by releasing a “protected” version of it.

I have a lot of videos, but people keep requesting me some demo level for them to test my system. And if I release a demo, right now, all they need to do is unpack the “.pak” file, and they will have access to all blueprints and animation files.

You could give potential customers your address and arrange a demonstration in your “head quarter show room” :cool:

Blueprints must stay a collaborative tool for each of us to learn from others.
About selling you can still sell complete video game tutorial about blueprints if you are good or sell some book.

I never tried that. What about 3D models and textures are they more protected actually packaging the game ?

Currently you can simply put all secret logic to C++ code.

Doesnt make sense for me. Just like newbprofi says connect your blueprint to a C++ library compiled by yourself and it is done.

In 4.5 they mentioned web browser support, unity web player is key for most marketplace developers over there. I am not sure how fast epic is willing to put out blueprint protection but if launching demo versions to web browser via marketplace might be a good option if it doesn’t expose the content files? Not sure if this is coming for sure or not just remember it being a topic covered.

Sorry, but unity web browser exposes the files as well, it goes all to a temp folder inside your computer.
I am ok hackers doing what they do. There is nothing we can do to stop it. But, why make it easy? Some kind of protection for blueprint would be ideal, even perhaps, generate dll from blueprints.

All I know is that if I buy content on the marketplace and it’s not clearly marked as having “protection”, I’m not going to be very happy about it.

Because the things you do to make it hard will only make it hard for PEOPLE WHO GIVE YOU MONEY. The pirates won’t be hindered for long, but the actual customers that want to follow the rules you set down are going to be hindered for the entire time they’re using it.

Guess I’m taking the climbing system off my “To Buy” list if you’re going to treat paying customers like scum.

didn’t know that just though it would be a decent option because so far when it comes to the market place Epic seems to have the buyer in focus not so much the seller. Again this is just my personal opinion from the skeleton restrictions that have been enforced. Dealing with one mad content creator compared to 50 content purchasers is easier. lets see where this goes. cause my team is interested in it as well.

There is a way for that i think, at leats make it more difficult for others, by permanently compile binery VM code of blueprint so it won’t be easy to reconstruct it in editor. I mean same can be done with machine code from C++, but ofcorse binery VM code is more readable

I’m new to the engine so forgive my possible ignorance (and maybe off-topic-ness), but doesn’t the blueprints compile?
If not, doesn’t this severely affect performance?

There is a solution to this, write it in C++ and distribute the stuff as plug-ins :wink: IT will be coming eventually! Blueprints however I feel should remain as open as possible because it’s how people learn.

And as already said, it wouldn’t take long for somebody to crack the protection. I wouldn’t expect to make a lot of money selling Blueprints only.

You should be able to make money selling both blueprints and C++ plugins when available. Epic doesn’t restrict your usage. They give you the sources for the engine. No questions asked. But people still pay them. Why? If we’re all dirty pirates that you need to fend off with increasingly hostile restrictions, then why do people pay for subscriptions to the engine in the first place?

If you come up with a way to secure your digital goods without inconveniencing the people that pay you money, you won’t even be thinking about selling assets on the marketplace. You’ll be too busy playing with your billions of dollars gained from selling that technology to every software house on the planet.

But you’re not going to. Computers copy data and transform it based on mathematical operations. There is no move operation. When you watch Netflix you’re copying the entire movie to your own computer and watching a copy. Every single day you copy insane amounts of information just from browsing the web. You can’t secure something that can fundamentally only be copied.

Any restrictions you make on something you’re selling will only affect the people that want to play by your rules. Restrictions on the usability of software that runs on the end user’s machine will never be viable. You are giving them a locked box, and the key to open that box. How exactly do you propose that they only open that box when you allow?

Brilliant! :smiley:

Because you got better service by paying then getting pirated copy and have nothing else then that? For same reason why people pay Minecraft, you would get pirated version that let you play only on few servers or pay for it and get access to all servers including most famous once? Same goes blizzard old games people have tendency to pirate and then buy game just for CD-Key because thats how good multiplayer was. Note that all of this is based locked service that you need to pay for, thats why everything switches to *-as-service model, because thats more efficient way to deal with piracy without imposing scary DRM. That would not apply to blueprint code which doesn’t have service to back it up and can be copied with clipboard and even send via chat.

The only “service” that I could imagine with commercial blueprints is customization.
If the customer lacks the BP knowledge to have to resort to buzing your prroduct, he very likely lacks the skills to modify/extend it…
I guess it would require a separate licensing model of its own…
If you are really really concerned about illegal copies, you could dongle it with an Ilok (works very well for DigitalDesign/Avid)… :rolleyes: