[REQUEST] Blueprint Graph Shortcuts

Hello; We know that the worst part of a visual programming environment is the eventual spaghetti your graphs becomes after you add some functionality to it.
I try to avoid the mess as much as I can using subgraphs for everything possible, even though doing that is not enough to avoid tons of wires going wild everywhere in most of these graphs.

I’d like to suggest a simple way to help with organization and workflow; Would be the possibility to add “shortcuts” to a node instead of linking wires. Shortcuts for a wire, like this:

Than when user hovers mouse over a shortcut, it draws the wire to the node it is actually linked to. Would be sooo much less visual pollution.
Would be a good addition if possible to add this to the blueprint system, sometimes when you try to link a wire from a node to another node far away in the graph is a pain in the *** to link them together…
But before we have this kind of new features, bugs like the annoying errors with “Transient” data for functions inside blueprint libraries must be fixed :confused:

Hi Bruno Xavier,

Unfortunately your image did not come through, can you repost it? Thank you!

Oh sorry, I fixed image url.
I don’t know how exactly Blueprints system is built so I don’t know if something like that is possible or not, but having that kind of shortcuts would be nice to link nodes far away from each other in a very big graph.

Hi BrUnO XaVIeR](, I use to set variables for don’t need use long lines.


Yeah, but variable instances can be used only with, well, variables.
When you have many nodes that are not just variables, that won’t help.

Agreed there’s lots of opportunities to improve clarity with complex blueprints. From past experience I found that hover toggles end up not being great as they break readability for scripts (not an issue for smaller projects, but terrible for multi-developer setups). Once we get on the other side of these stability and performance improvements for blueprints I think it’ll be a great opportunity for us to deep-dive into some usability improvement brainstorms - ideally in an open manner that allows developers such as yourself to be involved.

Alright, thank you for taking note about this; I don’t use Blender but I hear that its graph editor has a lot of smart workflow tools. Would be nice to see Blueprints evolve to a very versatile system like that. Thanks!