[REQUEST] better way to implement end-user options

I’d really like to see UE4 expose the ability to change certain engine-level settings in Blueprint in SOME way or another.

The only approaches I’ve seen to graphics settings have been to use BPs to call console commands, and (apart from Rama’s plug-in) there’s no way at all for the end-user to remap the keys which feed InputAction and InputAxis bindings.

This seems like game design 101 stuff, I can’t even imagine playing a PC game that DOESN’T have an options menu with GFX and input settings, it’s kind of crazy that there isn’t a simple native way to set these sort of options in-game at runtime like we have with SaveGame objects.

I support an effort to make a more transparent process for remapping hotkeys/keybindings.

I know that you can change them via a Config file but that is far from end user friendly in most cases.

If you do so please share it. :slight_smile:

Re-mapping has been requested alot over the past year, along being able to change the default Y Axis inversion on the mouse, but Epic have remained strangely quiet on the subject.

Epic, care to chip in here?