[REQUEST] Better quality widget components when included in blueprints

Hello! I posted a question in the answer hub a while ago detailing an issue I had where widget components included in blueprints had a terrible quality loss compared to what they looked like in the widget editor, or if I attach the widget manually through the level blueprint or such. What I can infer from the situation is that it is not a bug, so then I am posting it here :3

I think it would be a shame if it stayed like this; anyone making hq health bars for example, with complex animation (fluids, etc.) would have to suffer the quality loss if they were to include it above their enemy, for example. In my case (aside from the health bar) I’m also using it for my textboxes and chatboxes, and I’m not a big fan of how it looks. If there’s a reason for it being like that, then I’m sorry, I did not know ^.^’’

Thank you!

Have your tried increasing the Draw Size? (and then scaling the Widget’s scale down accordingly). This helped me solve the problem.
It would be helpful if you would provide a screen shot that shows what is wrong.

That did the trick! Thank you so much TuT