[Request] Behavior of multiple selections in menus


My request is about editor’s viewport “Show” menu.

For example, I want to select some types of objects which I want to see (Meshes, Sprites, etc)

For now (Version: 1761932) behavior is:

  • click on “Show” button
  • select ONE of items
  • menu is closed

But I think that more useful behavior is:

  • click on “Show” button
  • select few items you need
  • menu is not closed until you click outside of it.

If you click the check box next to the menu entries, the menu does not close.

hm. cool. thank you.
I didn’t notice it.

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your feature request. I have created a report and added it to our feedback database. If there is anything else that would make using the editor easier, please let us know.

Thank you,