[Request]:Aspect ratio for editor view (similar to safe frames)

It would be great if we could setup the default viewport with specific aspect ratio that would make the viewport render like now if you turn on “Safe frames” for the viewport and select a camera actor with some AR - e.g. there would be black bars.

This may not be very useful for general usage, but would be very useful when playing witch composition and other elements that tend to be affected by aspect ratio.

Hi Tomas,

Thank you for your feed back. I have reviewed the data base and found a feature request already pertaining to what you are asking for. If you find anything else you would like to see in the editor please let us know.

Cheers, Dorian

So has this been solved? Perhaps I just don’t know what to do, but I don’t have any idea of how to make the editor window into a fixed aspect ratio such as 16:9 by default

Hi philolo65,

This is an archived post from pre-launch of the editor. Please make a new post regarding your specific concerns for further assistance. I will close this thread as outdated.