Request answer acceptance on AnswerHUD

Hello guys,

It would be nice to have some button for this because when you find solution to some old issue, author of question often does not notice your answer and this requestion remains as unaswered. I think that when somebody is sure that his answer is right and there is no input from author, there can be button to request answer acceptance. This button can then send notification to question author and also to epic staff for consideration.


EDIT: Lol, that title… AnswerHUD

That would be a cool idea… Helps with filtering issues too…


That, and much more. The whole AnswerHub approach should be reworked really.
There was a discussion over on this thread with more valid points, and Stephen said they wanted to change the system on the long run. That was 9 months ago and nothing has changed so either they forgot or it fell behind priorities :frowning: